Meet Our Team

Arthur C. Reaume
President & Group Sales


Being born and raised in Michigan, Art Reaume was continually searching for a job that allowed him to service his community, help resolve problems that many people needed assistance with, and allowed him to build a better relationship with the people around him. For this, Art decided to found Reaume Benefits Medicare Advocates in Shelby Township, Michigan. His main role as owner of the company means that he primarily deals with higher level accountants and assisting his fellow agents in making the right choices for their own clients. However, this does not stop Art from reaching out to form genuine connections or training his agents to treat each client as an individual with unique needs, so they can better serve their community.

Collyn Reaume
Agent/ Medicare & Voluntary Benefits


Collyn grew up in Sterling Heights, Michigan. From there, he attended Central Michigan University where he attained a Bachelor’s in Athletic Training & Sports Medicine. He then went on to receive a Master’s in Exercise Science from Oakland University. Collyn started working in benefits in 2017 and primarily worked with supplemental benefits. He received his certifications for Medicare in 2020 and has added assisting retirees with their Medicare needs from that time. Collyn has a strong client-driven approach to healthcare, assuring the goals and needs of the client always come first. This has led him to be awarded both the Rookie Sales Representative of the year in 2018, as well as the Premium Pacesetter award for Colonial Life. Collyn currently works with both individual clients and businesses to ensure proper protection with Medicare and ancillary benefits. He currently resides in Rochester Hills with his wife and two daughters, where you can find him spending his free time with his family or riding the local mountain bike trails.

Rodney Welsh
Large Group/Municipality/Voluntary Benefits

Michele Hall


Michele Hall works as an administrative assistant for Reaume Benefits Medicare Advocates, having graduated from MCC with a degree in science and respiratory therapy. She worked for seventeen years as a lead therapist in the St. John Health system, afterwards teaching at Ross Medical Center. Michele has always followed her passion to work with people, striving to help them better understand and use the healthcare system. With her job at Reaume Benefits Medicare Advocates, she endeavors to continue to help individuals navigate through the often hostile maze of the medical insurance industry. Michele vows to always put her clients first, constantly working to ensure the best possible experience through a difficult time.

Dawn D’Ascenzo
Agent/ Medicare & Small Group


Being someone who lives in Clinton Township Dawn D’Ascenzo has ties to the community that she is providing services for. As a remote licensed independent insurance agency for the Reaume Insurance Agency Dawn helps hundreds of clients find the services that fit best for their needs. When she saw how our seniors were being taken advantage of, Dawn knew she had to step in and make it her goal to provide peace of mind by providing her patrons all the facts when applying for insurance. By focusing on her goals, Dawn has helped Medicare clients save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. With her career starting only in 2021 we are confident Dawn will be helping many more clients for years to come.

Diane Elsey
Office Administration


Diane Elsey works for Reaume Benefits Medicare Advocates as an office administrator as well as an upstanding insurance salesperson. With a certificate in medical billing and coding, as well as a bachelors in Human Resource Development, Diane’s main concern is making sure that every Reaume client is met with great customer service. Using her vast knowledge of insurance from years of medical billing allows her to be a more efficient advocate for her clients. With years of experience under her belt with both customer service and insurance companies, Diane provides a sense of know-how and ease to all of RBMA’s clientele.

Reaume Benefits Advisors: Customized Insurance Solutions

Insurance policies serve as your individual protection. Some policies are indispensable, but others can turn into money pits.

We carefully consider which insurance plans suit your individual needs and which plans to stay away from. With the right policy and a secure future on the horizon, you can get back to living for the moment!

Reaume Benefits Advisors: Competent and Experienced

As competent and experienced insurance agents, our main priorities are respectability and reliability when it comes to advising our customers. We will support you in choosing your future insurance coverage; we are independent in giving such advice since we are not bound to any one insurance provider. We have built our work's mission statement from these four guiding themes:

  • Expertise: We stand for expertise in all insurance questions, and we can ensure this based on the experience we have gathered over the years. Plus, we take part in relevant continuing education courses regularly.
  • Customer Service: Closing an insurance contract is a very personal matter. We consider ourselves to be a respectable and reliable partner to our customers.
  • Individual Solutions: Our experience shows that there is seldom a universal solution when it comes to the right insurance or comprehensive package. We believe in creating customized insurance solutions for our customers.
  • Long-Term Partnerships: We believe in long-term relationships with our customers and attend to their insurance needs.